The Lifer: What's Up With the iPhone's Short Battery Life?



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Go to apexcases .co. uk
They have a case which has an inbuilt battery to charge your iphone it last up to 6 hours!!!!

Type apex cases uk



Unless I am reading this wrong, you are comparing a LTE phone versus the iPhone. They are 2 totally different devices. Why don't you compare the 4 with 4S? Sounds too me you are trying to stick up for Apple???



you know those watches that charge themselves when we move and the other ones that charge them selves off light? why dont cell phones add that into the batteries. i know it wouldnt fully charge any battery but still it would help wouldnt it?



Given of the ever-expanding feature sets of these devices, I feel the battery life on my 4S is more than acceptable (and better than my previous 2 iPhones). That said, I do watch my apps' status in location services and have experimented with system services to assure some apps are not sucking resources needlessly. It would be beneficial in the future if some of this data sucking were activated on an "as-needed" basis automatically, instead of needing to go into settings to disable, and then reenable when needed.



What I find even more interesting is that I have had an iPhone since the first one in 2007, and I've never had a battery issue. I have a 4S now, I text, check emails, play words with friends all day and even at 9 pm I'm usually between 30-40% battery, and that's after taking my phone off the charger at 5:30.



I'll have some braised lamb shanks, please!



I don't get the reference but I could not help but find it hilarious!

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