The Lifer: Why Your Core i7 Processor May Be Obsolete Sooner Than You Think



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Rik misses the point with General Purpose GPU's (GPGPU), it's purpose is not to process standard GPU's workload like video and image processing that are well served by conventional GPU programming; they're intended for calculation-intensive applications such as scientific simulations, weather predictions, security encryption testing, etc.

I agree with DJSPIN80, these MICs are overkill for PC's (remember that we are in the verge of the "post-PC era"), they will be important for HPC and the new breed of video consoles.



I wouldn't worry too much about this. While having multiple cores is nice, 90% of software is definitely not gonna need this.

OS X is the only OS I can think of that actually makes use of multiple cores and the GPU efficiently. Very few tasks require the use of a GPU computational unit, unless you're processing large amounts of SIMD (Singly Instruction, Multiple Data) stuff. SIMD is interesting, because almost all image, audio and video related processes are SIMD instructions (you typically will perform the same instruction on multiple datasets, like embossing an image).

I'm sure intel has a lot of those answers already figured out. One way they got around to working with multi-core CPU's is to use a shared cache (L3) and allow for a smaller, L2 cache to be processor specific. They can scale this model with 2, 4 or 50 cores. As long as each core is grabbing stuff from a shared L3, they can reduce duplicated work amongst cores.



One step closer to Singularity[?]

Is Steve Jobs a member of the Singularity Institute? I wonder what his thoughts are on it.

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