The Lifer: Will 2011’s Macs Have AMD Inside?



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In a former life I was involved with AMD v Intel in law firms in Austin and San Jose. AMD beat intel because ... the graphics cards and CPU graphics were much better than Intel's. @insano70 is close to the truth when he says "Maybe I am not smart enough to understand " but clearly, he is clueless when he says "Intel has a single competitor - Intel" Intel fears AMD's Intellectual Property and it knows it cannot compete with AMD's graphics ability.

Dr. Lewis: Computer Science UCCS.



I certainly hope Apple doesn't go with AMD. All of the systems I've ever used including supposedly high-end servers that use the AMD chips suck.

It's really too bad that the Alpha chip is (virtually) dead. I'd really rather see the Mac on Alpha then on AMD.



I am new to Macs and yet I know this is just flame bait. Intel has a single competitor - Intel. SB destroys Intel's only competition - Intel. Why would Intel look to increase costs for lower performance? That doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I am not smart enough to understand but how many AMD superfans peruse this site.



interesting choice of name for the processor "ontario". makes me think they are possibly designing for the next blackberry playbook. (RIM is waterloo ontario based)

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