MacLife 101: 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for New Mac Users



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For years, I swore the following shortcut didn't exist in OS X, and since having discovered it (by accident) I've saved an enormous amount of time in my workflow.

COMMAND ` (backtick, same key as the ~ (tilde))

This shortcut allows you to switch between multiple instances of the same application, like between two documents in OpenOffice or two separate windows (e.g. the main window and a popup) of your browser.

@MleB: the combos can be a huge timesaver. When you're typing a document in OO (using both hands, of course), not having to grab the mouse every time you need to do something can really speed up your workflow.



I know there are Mac keyboard shortcut fans - but you must be kidding?

Now, I'll freely admit I've only recently returned to Mac after some years away, but I'll never grasp how these cryptic combos are meant to be time / energy efficient. As a whimsical throwback to very early OSs (or simply a game to keep one's mind exercised) it has value, I suppose - but surely, such nonsense is what gave us the reason for toolbar icons and right-click > context menus?

I know there are still some Mac users who see right-click as the Devil's Playground, but really (Highlight > Command B, Command U)?

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