MacLife 101: How to Filter Spam in Apple Mail



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Here's how to stop SPAM on your iOS device if you also own a Mac (but I'm sure there's are other platform alternatives) .

Make sure all your accounts are IMAP if possible.

Install SPAMSieve on your Mac

Leave your Mac running 24/7

It will intercept all the SPAM and you won't ever see it on your iOS device.



Please tell us how to do this on an iOS device. Everyone knows how to do this on their Mac Mail.



Google... Restore Bounce Mail to Lion & Mountain Lion

I have downloaded this add-on, it works well...

Also Customise Toolbar to show Junk / Not Junk thumbs down, much easier way to mark message as Junk if it gets through the SPAM filter.

SPAM is sent to Junk mail Folder ...

I also colour mark SPAM text with bright red characters (Junk Mail Advanced setting)

This also makes the "SPAM" visible once deleted, in Trash

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