The Real Beauty of iOS 7 Is in Its Enormous Potential



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Oh an by the way: parallax is a dumb joke. You know a feature is bad when they have a way to turn it off. Because deep down inside they knew people wouldn't like it. It's stupid. It doesn't do anything but jiggle your background when you tilt the phone away from your face. Why would you tilt the phone away from your face, though? Stupid.


Michael Simon

Parallax has a gimmickly feel, for sure, but after I stopped flailing my phone around to see how far I could push it, it simply became part of the OS, adding a new dimension to the home screen that definitely enhanced the oval experience. It's extremely subtle, and most of the time I didn't even notice it was there. It's like the drop shadows in iOS 6, but far more effective.

And you're angry that Apple added a way to disable it? Don't we want more control over the interface?



This article is absolute drivel. How much is Apple paying you to hype iOS 7 prior to its release? I'm a beta-tester of the system, myself, and a Mac user since 1984. So far iOS 7 is a lag-fest filled with unnecessary eye-candy and awful icons that make me want to run an app as fast as possible to get them off my screen. Yes, the Control Center is cool, but most of this new system so far feels poorly organized and badly designed. I'm not going to go into detail due to my non-disclosure agreement which I actually honor, unlike yourself, but I do have a general sense that how the thing looks has suddenly taken precedence over how it *performs*. If iOS loses its performance edge over Android then there won't be much difference.



One word: THEMES

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