Reports of Newsstand's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated



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Paul Blake

Really great piece, Michael. I've just interviewed Michel for my own digital magazine, App Publisher magazine (, which incidentally is very much inspired by The Magazine approach, and was impressed by how willing he was to challenge the notion of what a magazine is and how it should function.

I think the conversation on what magazines and newspapers will become in the digital age is really just beginning, so now should be the time to be brave, experiment and accept that not everything we try will work. The concept of a printed publication has been refined over centuries after all, so it may take some time to figure out how to transfer that to the digital world. I do think we need to come up with some new concepts and metaphors - borrowing the old ones from the print world, such as the notion of content living on a 'page', doesn't really work anymore.

And as for PDF replica magazines? I can't imagine they will be sustainable for any publisher as the experience for the reader, especially on a smartphone, is just horrible.



so does this mean that MacLife will be getting a facelift? or is this article just meant to hate on newsstand?

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