Rounded Rectangles: Meet the Designer Responsible for My Voided Warranty



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I don't really get this app. First of all, it is hardly what I would call "radical". All it does is show tiny thumbnails instead of large icons. And, by the way, you already know what each of those icons does, so really what is the point of the thumbnails?
Now the toggles, or whatever they're called… It takes absolutely NO less time to access any one of the features in the toggles than it does to tap an app icon and launch the app to do whatever the toggle does in the first place. Watching the video, the guy has to swipe left or right, then swipe down until he finds the toggle he's looking for, then click it to launch. No extra time saved there. So, again, what is the point?
I'd really like to know why everyone is so gung ho over this thing?


Michael Simon

I agree that the app previews are mostly aesthetic, but this is a design column after all. Besies, Auxo's use of gestures is far better than Apple's, and its toggles--specifically Bluetooth and Wifi--are definitely easier to access than going to Settings.

And I use the modifier "radical," because the idea of thumbnails that fit into the app switcher seemed outrageous until I saw it.


Steve Blane

Agree, it's not the columns but for me the ability to adjust brightness without going into settings. The swipe to close is great (and 'droid like).

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