Rounded Rectangles: Nothing Clear (Or Cheap) About the Path from iOS to Mac



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i pray to God that Apple will not loose its head over ideology mac/ios;
keep 'em separate and give us grown-up computer types at least a
300 year warning before extinct-ing us..the operative word here is stink!



My initial reaction after reading the first few paragraphs is "what's the big deal?" My next reaction is, "NO! Please don't make more and more OS X Apps work like ios apps !!!"

I hate it that apple is moving ever closer to making OS X become ios. If Realmac makes a product that does the job well, then I will buy it no matter what the price. I don't expect a watered down .99 cent application cause I'm a grown up and work in a grown up world.


Michael Simon

iOS apps aren't necessarily watered down (some are, of course), it's just that there are so many users, developers can afford to sell them dirt-cheap. With Clear, Realmac re-imagined an iOS app for OS X, but some people fail to see the difference.

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