Rounded Rectangles: A Wearable Computer That's Actually a Wearable Computer



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Yeah, the title isn't simply misleading; it's dead wrong.


Michael Simon

Is it any more dead wrong than calling Pebble or Google Glass a wearable computer? Any one of these devices need to hook into some kind of an external device to operate.



Saying you just jumped on a bandwagon doesn't make it any less untruthful, and doesn't excuse you from wrongdoing. Honestly, Michael, didn't your parents ever tell you the "if everyone jumped off a bridge" moral quandary?


Michael Simon

I'm not sure it's fair to call me a lemming just because I'm using a term that's been adopted by the industry. Someone decided long ago that Macs weren't PCs when, in fact, they are. We accept that, right?

If we're using it in our lexicon, I think Stormfly fits the term "wearable computer" more than any of the other devices out there. That's all I meant, and I think I explained myself well enough in the column to not be accused of "wrongdoing."

But perhaps a better headline would have been: A wearable computer that actually computes



I wouldn't call it a wearable computer. It's more like a wearable USB boot drive. From what I could tell, there isn't actually any processor in this thing, or other output ports such as for video.

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