Rumor Roundup: 7-inch iPad, 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, and iPod nano Redesign



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No way would they do that as Brandon said it looks too much like the previous generation. I love my current generation Nano and how it's got a built in clip to attach to tank top or shorts. It's perfect



Clearly Apple is gearing up for the release of a smaller 7.85" iPad to fend off Google's Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire. And despite people quoting Steve Jobs about having to file down you fingers to use a smaller tablet, Apple knows what it is doing. This will be the perfect device for gamers, ibooks and the education segment. Why let Android gain any ground in the tablet market when they already have stolen so much of the Smartphone market (at least Apple enjoys most of the profits).

I wonder if Apple may consider rebranding the iPod Touch as an iPad Nano. Doubtful, but there's not much distinction between what an iPad, iPod and even iPhone these days. Sure, the iPhone has extra cellular features and a SIM card, but I'd argue that 90% of our iDevices function the same. It's iOS and the Apps that make them what they are. The full-sized iPad may be used for for creation and the smaller more for consumption.

So the choice is up to Apple. I'll be the first in line to add an iPad Mini to my Apple gadget collection.



all false (anyone remember what the ipod nanos used to look like) that!!!

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