Rumor Roundup: iPad Mini, iPhone 5 with A6 Processor, 8-Pin Dock Connector Crops Up



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I think it's probably a necessary thing to do, just from a market stand point. There are plenty of loyal Nook and Kindle folks out there who love their devices. Something similar in size I would think could be a very big draw...



I still don't understand where the market for the iPad Mini is. I have an iPad2 and an iPhone. The iPhone is great but web surfing sucks due to the small screen. The iPad2 is "just right" for portability, convenience and easy of use. It has replaced my needing a laptop when I travel. Sure, if the Mini were free I'd take it and use it; but I don't see slapping down my cash for it. :)



The market is there, I have an iPad 2 and an iPhone as well and although I agree with you on the iPhone I do find the iPad a little more cumbersome especially for prolonged use. I would welcome a smaller iPad especially for reading!

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