Terminal 101: Changing the Screenshot Capture Location



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Brynna McCarthy

It's worth noting, the system will not create a folder to place screenshots in if one does not exist. Make sure you create the directory you're trying to point the screenshots to before executing the terminal command or it will not stick.


Silver-Tongued Devil

This is a really dumb idea. Terminal is not for the casual user. NEVER use Terminal if you don’t have to. Half the people who do this will not remember later how they changed this, so they will have to search online again. Also, a goof in typing in Terminal could cause problems that you don’t know how to fix.

Just use OnyX. It allows making these changes in GUI, which is much safer than command line. It allows many other tweaks and system maintenance steps, also, such as clearing caches and logs or showing hidden files. Then all these changes are easy as pie to revert using the same OnyX gui. Leave command line to the Linux geeks and don’t go to Terminal unless you have no GUI option.

I am always amazed that there are a hundred different blog and tip site articles about editing a text document, such as the Hosts file, in Terminal. Geeze, folks, it’s a text document. You can edit it in TextEdit, for crying out loud!!!


Csaba Borbely

thanks for this article, I was beginning to get annoyed with these screenshots cluttering up my desktop all the time.



Thanks for this tip, it will now be so much easier to find my screenshots!

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