Terminal 101: Check the Uptime of your Mac



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Andrea Pilla

My last logout (shot down) was 350 minutes ago, but after the start of the Mac this was the log of the "uptime" command... only 2 minutes . Why?
I did the log because I thought that someone (I've been out about 6 hours) has entered the house. The log shows that someone had access to my computer? Why the Mac has not calculated the stop time?

"Last login: Thu Oct 16 02:04:02 on console
iMac7:~ u****$ uptime
2:05 up 2 mins, 2 users, load averages: 0,27 0,14 0,05"



hi, I am not tech savvy but I have a question about uptime, regarding the following:

and the load averages for the processors/cores in your system.

What are the load average numbers supposed to be? Just curious. Thank you

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