Terminal 101: Converting Videos



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HI installed successfully after a few bumps, but can't get the basic syntax to work. Keep coming up with "no such file or directory" message



Got it to work flawlessly on my Macbook. I think I must have been stymied on my iMac because of a previous installation off ffmpegx.



I registered as a developer, downloaded and installed XCode and command line tools, installed Hombrew, checked that it worked, downloaded and installed Lynx. It works. Then used Homebrew to download and install ffmpeg. No errors, everything good. Then I tried ffmpeg -formats and received 'command not found'. Tried updating Homebrew: 'your up to date'. Tried multiple times. Tried 'brew uninstall ffmpeg', after which I reinstalled. Tried a conversion: 'command not found'. What gives? I would really like to use this and get better at Terminal.



Hey! You changed your Terminal so it looks like mine! I can't stand the default-look of Terminal in OS X. I like it be green on black as well. Reminds me of the good old days.

Great article. I don't recommend converting any audio to ffmpeg's implementation of AAC though. It is FAR inferior to the Quicktime AAC encoder (which is excellent BTW.) Other than that it should be good though.

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