Terminal 101: Find and Replace Using Sed



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Sergio Arroyo

Is there a way to do several search/finds with one command on a Mac with sed, just like they do in Linux. I am a Spanish speaker and I want to write some pages in Spanish, but some online html editing engines (namely tumblr) won't recognize or interpret my letters with accents and tilde (i.e: "Español", canción, etc.) as such, so I'm getting gibberish as input. Therefore I have to use the html codes: & aacute; for á, & eacute; for é, & ntilde; for ñ and so on. (EDIT: The "code" tag doesn't seem to work in maclife right now, I had to separate "&" from "eacute;" and so on.)

I found this script which will let you do all of the required changes to the code with one single command:

cp $archivo ${archivo}.bak && cat ${archivo}.bak | sed -e ‘s/á/\á/g’ -e ‘s/é/\é/g’ -e ‘s/í/\í/g’ -e ‘s/ó/\ó/g’ -e ‘s/ú/\ú/g’ -e ‘s/ñ/\ñ/g’ -e ‘s/Á/\Á/g’ -e ‘s/É/\É/g’ -e ‘s/Í/\Í/g’ -e ‘s/Ó/\Ó/g’ -e ‘s/Ú/\Ú/g’ -e ‘s/Ñ/\Ñ/g’ -e ‘s/©/\©/g’ -e ‘s/¡/\¡/g’ -e ‘s/§/\§/g’ -e ‘s/ª/\ª/g’ -e ‘s/«/\«/g’ -e ‘s/®/\®/g’ -e ‘s/±/\±/g’ -e ‘s/²/\²/g’ -e ‘s/³/\³/g’ -e ‘s/¶/\¶/g’ -e ‘s/º/\º/g’ -e ‘s/»/\»/g’ -e ‘s/¿/\¿/g’ -e ‘s/Æ/\Æ/g’ -e ‘s/Ç/\Ç/g’ -e ‘s/æ/\æ/g’ -e ‘s/ç/\ç/g’ -e ‘s/Ü/\Ü/g’ -e ‘s/ü/\ü/g’ > $archivo

Bad thing is it will only work with sed for Linux. Is there a way you could do something like this on a Mac? Thanks a lot for your help!

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