Terminal 101: Properly Shutting Down Your Mac



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Cory, I'd just like to say that your Terminal 101 articles are one of the main reasons I visit maclife.com. Keep up the good work at making us even more nerdy.



What's the command to log off all users before shutdown as mentioned in the opening paragraph? Thanks.



When you have users logged into the system and initiate any of the shutdown commands, you'll get a message printed to the screen.



I'm not clear of advantages via terminal. Thx



The Terminal is really for power users, allowing them to do things without messing around with the UI. Simply type the command, and you're done.

The second important advantage of using the Terminal to complete commands is that if you use SSH to connect to a Mac remotely, you can easily issue commands to the remote Mac. Using the tips above, you can shutdown, reboot, or sleep the Mac remotely just by typing in a command. (By remote, I mean, you could do this with a machine around the world). That's the true power of the Terminal.



Great article, I look forward to future Terminal 101 articles.
I have a question relating to this article:
For the Timed Shutdown examples, is there a way to stop the delayed shutdown process once the command has been issued (in case the need to reboot resolved itself before the actual command has done it job)?
Thanks, David



You can cancel a shutdown by issuing a pkill (process kill) or a killall command on the shutdown command. So, to cancel a shutdown, simply enter one of the following commands into a Terminal window: 

pkill shutdown 
sudo killall shutdown 

Using the second (killall) command, you'll be prompted to enter your password. You'll get an error message that "No matching processes were found" if the shutdown command is no longer running for a timed shutdown.

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