Terminal 101: Software Update



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Thanks for those, very useful.

Do you know how I can schedule the updates to run when in the middle of the night when we are all asleep? I tried putting the command in a shell script in automator (so I could run the automator script from an iCal event) but got a 'no tty and no password' error, which I don't understand!

Thanks in advance


Mr. Happypants

Are there switches to check for updates first, and only install some of them, or is an All or Nothing proposition through the Terminal?



Run the following command to see a list of all available updates (that's a lowercase "L", by the way): 

sudo softwareupdate -l 

This will "list" the available updates. To install one of the available updates, simply use the following command: 

sudo softwareupdate -i x

Replace x above with the title of the update listed by the previous command (for instance, iTunes 10.6.1, etc.).


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