The Verizon iPhone: Should You Stay or Should You Go?



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No one has mentioned a real downer for Verizon – they have no coverage overseas, so if you travel, forget Verizon (which is a good idea anyway).

Why Apple picked the 2 absolute worst phone companies is beyond me. They both overcharge, mess up your bill, and bill in advance, instead of after you use it. I had to go all the way up to a regional vice president of Verizon to get my bill fixed, because no one else at a lower level was willing to fix it. Never again.

I tried AT&T for one week, and couldn't even get coverage at my home, which it showed at the highest level of coverage. Also, never again.



I live in the boonies here. We won't see LTE for at least 2 years! So an iPhone 4 is a no brainer! When my 2yr contract expires, I'll get the iPhone 6!



Having a Palm Centro with which I am not totally disappointed; plus still being on a pay as you go DATA plan, it makes it hard to justify a move to the I phone regardless of how much I covet same.

Plus, I am still using Tiger which does add a little bit of a difficulty factor when it comes to syncing with mac apps ( ical and contacts ). Although, I believe that there may be a work around regarding same if one has a g mail account.

If the move is made, I think that I would opt for the "5" version in a month or two.


J Chronic

Damnit! I was counting on most people switching to Verizon and freeing up the At&t signal. It was all part of my master plan but it has been seriously foiled. Sounds like most people are actually NOT going to switch to Verizon after all.

I agree that all carriers suck on some level, but I really hate giving At&t money every month. They are the only internet/phone provider in my neighborhood so I have 3 bills for them and they have THE WORST customer service I've ever experienced in my life. The agent who signed me up for U-Verse gave me a $100 rebate because she felt bad about all the crap the company has put me through, but then I never got it because they created a new account number because they couldn't install it the first time - what!?!? Makes no sense. I called about the rebate and they said it expired because I waited to long to call!?

But alas, I am staying because of the rollover feature and the data options. I don't even come close to using $30 worth of data every month because there's a wireless network at my home and office. I watch Netflix all day on my 3G with a crisp picture and only pay about $10 in data. Plus I decreased my monthly plan after accumulating 5000 rollover minutes because I can never keep a call. My contract is up in July, but switching to Verizon means an extra $40/month. I'll wait and re-sign a contract when the iPhone 5 comes out. You folks who have never had a problem with At&t are lucky, but give it time.



Ok, how about the iPhone goes to... you ready for this?... BOOST MOBILE! ... No? Yeah, I figured.

I don't own an iPhone, probably won't for a while, but I use my friend's iPhone 4 on Verizon probably more than he does, so I have a pretty good sideline opinion.

To me, it seems it is definitely personal factor to switching. Ok, so if you have AT&T and it works fine in your area, then to me it seems like the obvious choice is to stay. If it works for you, then that's all that matters. It's personal. However, if AT&T sucks in your area, and Verizon has a considerable difference in network, then the switching choice is more prominent. I view the AT&T v. Verizon debate as just an option for change for people whose AT&T coverage is a living nightmare. If you're fine where you are, then stay. If you want change in network and / or need personal wi-fi everywhere, then make the jump.

However, I think Ray has a great point here as there has been a noticeable pattern in the iPhone upgrade every June. If you plan on switching... wait. iPhone 5 probably won't be much different, but everything the iPhone 4 could be better in probably will be fixed / improved in iPhone 5.

Of course, what do I know, I'm only 14. :P



There must be something wrong with me too, because I haven't really had any trouble either, at east consistent with the problems that I had with Verizon. I can't really get reception in my house, have to go outside, but when workmen come over who have verizon, they complain of the same thing. Same thing at my family's house at the beach, it works on the beach and outside, but not the house, neither does Verizon. I don't really get any dropped calls and I am happy with my plan.

Call me crazy, but I am not going to pay to get out of my contract, buy new phones, my mom and aunt are on mine, and have to resign a contract. I have a house phone.



Will there be a new iphone this summer? For sure?



I too will stay with AT&T. I'm just in a small town in Northern Michigan that has a small 3G footprint, but what we do have is great!! Consistent 4-6Mbps download speeds, strong coverage everwhere, great customer service reps at the local store, whats not to love? I had Verizon before the iPhone, and their coverage here in the North sucks, really sucks. With AT&T, the dropped call debacle is a mysterious myth to us since it just never happens. Maybe if I lived in a large metro area I'd feel differently, but from my perspective AT&T is the best around!



I too will Stay with AT&T. I live in the south and AT&T here is awesome.
5 bars, no dropped calls, and BLAZING fast 3G.
Verizon sucks here. Painfully slow internet, 1 bar for talk, on a good day.
I was colored RED on the map, supposedly in a "BEST" location at home.
VZW internet, didn't work at All. Zero bars.

I actually use the internet and talk feature that VZW can't offer.
I love not paying $3/month for visual voicemail.
I've never been over 1G a month on my phone, so the unlimited doesn't mean anything to me.
Not to mention Rollover and as of tomorrow morning, free ANY mobile... no thanks verizon.

T-Mobile has 4G here as well and my AT&T 3G smokes it upload and download.
The T-Mobile rep comes in bragging about 4G in the area so we both did apps.

T-Mobile "4G"(lie): 1.41Mbps down .7 Mbps up
(he was using his new 4G device)

My iPhone 4 on AT&T 3G: 2.51Mbps down, 1.22Mbps up



Love my Verizon iphone I get 3G every where I go. I have service
where AT&T does not.



I am very curious where it is that you go that would would not get AT&T 3G service...

I live in the Chicago Suburbs and fly quite often for business. I have been to Downtown Chicago, Vegas, Orlando, Miami, LA, Sandiego, a few tiny towns in Washington state, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit... And I have never had a 3G signal problem.



Ironically, although you fly to major cities, you live in a bubble. You just named 9 of the biggest cities in america. Of course you are going to have great coverage there. I live in Arkansas, well outside the bubble. We just got 3G service here a month ago. And even with the upgrade in data speed it did not change the call quality or the frequency of dropped calls. I would consider changing to Verizon just for that.



Apparently there's something wrong with me, because I've never had a problem with my iPhone or with AT&T. So yeah, I'm staying put, and I'm sorry if that disappoints people or makes me some sort of techie zero. YMMV.



I am with you 110%. I have had an iPhone since the 3G (had the 3GS and now a 4). I have never had a problem with dropped calls or a signal that was too weak to use data or voice.



Definitely nothing wrong with you guys. I lived in Washington state and never had a single issue with my AT&T iPhones (2g and 3g). The second I moved to San Francisco, I couldn't keep a call for more than five minutes. A huge problem I always thought was just vastly overstated. It's not.

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