Why Miley Cyrus Will Learn to Love iOS 7



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The only thing bad about the icons is the colors. If they would have been consistent in the coloring it would have made a world of difference. For example, having gradients all going in the same direction is one thing you learn when you get your first computer design assignment in college. The colors are also too bright - in particular the green used for phone and messages. Also, if you are going to use different colors for a specific set of icons (green for communication, blue for internet, silver for utilities, etc) at least make the icons look the same. Take Safari and Mail. Mail has a white icon on a (wrong direction) gradient, while Safari is a blue icon on a white background.
They should have really just made all the icons the come with the phone the exact same color and let the actual icon describe what it does. Some of the icons, however, are draw very childishly - I'm looking at you camera icon! Really, what is the point of that little yellow dot in the camera icon? All it does is annoy me. Does it add anything to the icon's design? Does it help tell me it's a camera instead of an airplane?

All this criticism could be remedied quite easily by Apple with one (actually very simple) thing to add… give users the ability to theme their phone. Have the themes be available on the App Store, of course. But there are hundreds of designers out there designing icons already.
Apple is too stubborn to do that, though. They think their way is the best way. I've used Apple computers since 1983. My favorite OS was and will be until something much better comes along, OS 9. It was fast - actually much faster than OS X even today. On top of that, you could theme it if you wanted to.

At least I got the only thing I really wanted from iOS 7, a junk filter for Mail. That was worth the upgrade.

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