Why Mountain Lion is Going to Be a Big Success



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What I would like to see in Mountain Lion is STABILITY! I tried loading Lion onto my 1 year old MacPro and it ran slower, keyboard input lagged, it locked up all the time on startup, and programs crashed all the time (especially ones form Adobe). Now, I can accept the reason for its running slower initially is the result of indexing. However, there is no excuse for it completely locking up when starting up.

What I want to see in the next OS update is the ability to upgrade without any problems, like it used to be. Run the updater, wait an hour or two, and then get back to work without any problems.

THAT would be a suitable update for me. Eye candy and fancy effects mean nothing to me.



I don't like the direction apple is headed. I was in awe with the direction I envisioned with snow leopard. Efficient, Fast, slimmed down. Effective and rock solid stability in most all areas. I wish they would go back to making the most efficient os out there that runs on minimum specs. Hey if they still want to "dumb" it down go for it just make it zing and be stable. The only thing I like about Lion is gestures I loathed the trackpad at first. Now it's something I really enjoy after forcing myself to get used it. Some sort of downgraded OS application would be nice without having to backup anything. I could care less about iCloud. If I were on the road it still wouldn't be that great.

It's nice for pushing things to other devices but in all seriousness that's not really that innovative. I purchased all the iPads on day one. I am now iPadless. It is so nice being free of it. I don't need it, and at that kind of money you could almost purchase a new mac with a little more savings. Not for me anymore being connected to net 24/7 time to get back to the basics. There are much better things in life to enjoy.



You may not like the direction they're going in, but it's certainly the right direction. No matter what Apple store I go to, in any country, I always see kids and other people my age going straight for the iPad. The other day a bunch of kids zoomed past me, went in to the store and started playing on the iPads. The younger generation is loving it, and it's what they'll find "normal". So making OS X similar to iOS will be a better experience for the new generation. They'll find it relatable.

Also, a lot of customers (the non-hard core apple fans), tend to buy iPod's or iPhone's before having owned a Mac. Then, the Halo effect occurs, and they tend to buy Mac's later. As their first experience was iOS, transitioning to using the Mac will be much nicer and smoother.

iOS is much more popular, and much more simple to use, so it's certainly the right direction.

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