Why OS X Doesn’t (And Won’t) Look Like iOS 7



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Apple, isn't pushing the flat design on OSX because it doesn't need it yet. The idea behind the layers, contrast colors and flat design is that they can roll out new display technology and not worry about edges. OLED works better (consuming less energy and providing greater image quality) when most of the screen is black, while other displays like LED work better when those colors are white. The difference here is that OLED is going to be the next display to lead phones into bendable displays while the "holograms" or "Glass" will be the next technology to take layers to a whole new level. The idea behind translucency and layers is that we won't use black for anything but a mixture and we will get used to seeing images and objects behind our current focus on the device, opening the possibility for OLED to evolve and allow complete transparency not just a pitch black display.

Android is an OS built for OLED as it is being developed today. Project Glass is probably one of the first displays and OS's to use the idea of transparency and layers with real life. iOS is taking advantage of LED while it still can but is also in a perfect to take all the white and make is transparent, just like android could do with all it's black.

Long story short, as long as laptops still require a hard keyboard and open like a book, there won't be a need for OSX to take the all white, flat and layers look. It simply doesn't need it when you have the retina display.

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