Why There Won't Be Any Surprises at Next Week's iPhone Event



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Rupert Stubbs

Michael - neither you, nor any other tech website foresaw the new Mac Pro coming.

Apple is great at keeping new product lines secret - the stuff that has only been in a few people's hands. Where they have an understandable problem is with devices that are being mass-produced in the tens of millions, going through thousands of different people's hands, mostly thousands of miles away from Cupertino.


Mike James


Although we're still not sure what will be revealed, it does seem surprising in general that so many things appear to have been leaked... especially since Tim Cook said they were going to "double down" on security this year.


Michael Simon

I think they're doubling down on the things they want to be kept secret. When you're the largest company in the world, you need to pick and choose your battles.

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