Without Apple, the Smartwatch Market is Just Plain Dumb



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Nick Tsiotinos

No matter how much functionality you cram into a watch - due to the physical limitations of a watch sized device - you will STILL need to carry around a phone sized device - so why replicate functionality? It just adds unnecessary cost, bulk and complexity to an already complex device and kills battery life, ultimately defeating the purpose of making it more functional.

There comes a tipping point where actually adding more functionality - makes a device LESS functional.

I think Samsung are VERY close to that tipping point with the Gear, if not already over it.


Michael Simon

I hear what you're saying, but I think an Apple smartwatch needs to be able to function on its own in some fashion (even if it's just WiFi), in the event your phone is inaccessible or forgotten (or you're just too lazy to walk across the room to go get it). Otherwise, I just don't see the point, other than status.

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