Concealed and Compact Surge Protectors

Concealed and Compact Surge Protectors

Even surge protectors can flaunt a little bit of style.


Behind your Mac is a not-so-hidden secret: a tangled mess of power cables for your display, Mac, printer, external hard drives, and other peripherals. Belkin's Concealed Surge Protector and Compact Surge Protector can help keep your power cables a manageable mess instead of an unwieldy one.


The Concealed Surge Protector is ideal for families with curious kids or pets who love to meddle with - or gnaw on - cables. The 11-outlet unit has a cover that not only protects the outlets, but also hides them from sight. The clamping voltage (when excess power is diverted to a ground line) is rated at 330 volts, a good level for home use. It has a $300,000 connected equipment warranty. The only drawback to the surge protector is that it's larger than average; it measures 17.25 by 3.94 by 4.75 inches and takes up more wall space than you might like.


At 10.81 by 3.63 by 4 inches, the Compact Surge Protector is, well, more compact. We like how the four power-adapter outlets are placed along the side while four standard outlets sit on top. This design makes it easy to tuck the cables behind the surge protector. It also has a 330-volt clamping voltage, and its connected warranty is for $200,000. Too bad it lacks Ethernet ports.


The bottom line. Both Belkin surge protectors perform as expected. But despite the Concealed Surge Protector's size, we prefer it for its ability to conceal and protect.


Concealed Surge Protector

PRICE: $49.99
REQUIREMENTS: Three-prong power outlet
Covered power outlets.
Takes up a lot of wall space.




Compact Surge Protector

PRICE: $39.99
REQUIREMENTS: Three-prong power outlet
Nice design.
No Ethernet protection.





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