Connect Your Mac to a Wi-Fi Network

Connect Your Mac to a Wi-Fi Network

When you cut the Ethernet cord on your home network, you can experiment with some amazing new technologies, such as streaming media or keeping an eye on your house via a wireless security camera. Of course, it’s easy to get excited about these possibilities only to be disappointed when the connections don’t work as flawlessly as advertised.


Find Hotspots and Connect Easily

iStumbler (free) is a handy tool for finding wireless hotspots in public spaces and connecting to the one with the strongest signal. After you install and launch the app, note which wireless network has the strongest signal, and then click the AirPort icon in the menubar to connect.


You’ll be amazed how many wireless networks you can find with iStumbler - and that’s just from your backyard gazebo.


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Add Wireless Home Security with a Webcam

Ever hear a noise when you’re in the back of the house and wonder if someone’s at the front door? You can find out with a wireless webcam, which shows you who’s there and can even take snapshots of your front step at regular intervals. The Trendnet TV-IP400W ($278.99) is a Mac-friendly Web-based surveillance system that lets you monitor your home remotely over the Internet.


With Java support, the Trendnet TV-IP400W works great with the Safari browser for viewing a video feed from the front door or wherever you’ve placed the camera.


To get started, first connect the TV-IP400W to your home network using an Ethernet cable - this is just a temporary connection to help you configure the device and select your wireless network. Launch your Web browser, type in the address bar, press Return, and click the Java link to view and control video. To configure the wireless network name, click System Administration, then Wireless, and then select your network name from the pop-up menu. Remote access involves a few intricate steps and may even require a call to tech support for help, but it’s worth it.


Your all-seeing eye: The Trendnet TV-IP400W.






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I just bought a TV-IP400W and it doesn't seem to work on a Mac. I'd love to know how you got the Safari webshot in the article? Buyers base their decisions on your articles. I wish this one was accurate.



I can't get it to work right either on a Mac. I am also using Security Spy and that won't work either! I'm lost!

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