Connect Your Mac to Devices Meant for Windows PCs

Connect Your Mac to Devices Meant for Windows PCs

You may have thought that the strangest connection you’d ever make on your Mac would be a seamless connection to a Windows PC over your home network. But what about devices specifically engineered and/or marketed to Windows users? You can often get those to work just fine on your Mac too.


Take Your Video With You

The Archos 504 160GB ($599.99) is a portable media player intended to work with a Windows PC: There’s a PC-only installer, and it works with Windows Media Player 11. When you connect the device to your Mac, you’ll be prompted to use it in USB mode or as a Windows Media device. Select USB, and the Archos hard drive will appear on your Mac desktop. Just drag all of your media files to the correct folder in the Archos volume to copy them to the player for viewing on the go. You’ll need a patch to view iPod-formatted videos, available at


Store up to 200 movies on this portable entertainment box.


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Give Life to Framed Photos

Kodak makes big claims about how well its EasyShare EX811 Wi-Fi Picture Frame ($229.95) works for adding photos over a wireless connection - from a Windows PC. But, as with the Archos 504, you can connect the digital frame to your Mac via USB, and it should show up on your desktop. At that point you can just drag and drop photos onto the frame’s internal hard drive. There’s also another way: If you use the included EasyShare software, you can upload images to the online Gallery (select your photos, then select Gallery > Upload Photos), and then download them to the frame from the Internet via your Wi-Fi network.


Talk about living color.






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[...]Connect Your Mac to Devices Meant for Windows PCs. Amazing features it has, I am going to buy very soon, how much does it cost?
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