Connect Your Mac to Home Theater Components

Connect Your Mac to Home Theater Components

For some, the Mac is the center of the entertainment universe. For others, it’s one of several components, including cable or satellite TV programming, a high-definition TV, a quality stereo system, and more. Here’s how to link up your home theater and your Mac so they’re part of the same universe.


Get Your Digital Videos onto Your Mac

Generally, connecting a camcorder works in the same way as connecting a digital camera. Many recent camcorders use a FireWire or USB connection. Some camcorders are a bit unique, however, and may require an extra step or two. For example, to connect the JVC GZ-MG555 ($899.99), you first snap the camcorder into its base. Use the included USB cable to connect the base to your Mac. Press the Play button on the camera, located inside the foldout LCD screen. When a menu appears on the camcorder’s screen, select Playback On PC. The GZ-MG555 has a 30GB internal hard drive, which will appear as an icon on your Mac’s desktop.


JVC’s GZ-MG555 requires a little more legwork to get videos onto your Mac.


Use DropDV ($39.99) to convert the MOD files to DV files, and import them into iMovie HD for editing. Or you can simply connect the camcorder base to the Mac with a FireWire cable, start iMovie HD, and click Import.


DropDV also lets you convert video clips you previously transferred from a camcorder.






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