Connect Your Mac to USB Gadgets

Connect Your Mac to USB Gadgets

Bundle Up While Rocking Out


Rather than USB, the Motorola Audex Cargo Jacket ($645) uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your Mac and give you access to your music or even VoIP apps like Skype. The Audex jacket is wonderfully geeky, yet stylish and functional at the same time. Most of the geek factor is contained within the parka under flaps and zippers that hide a Bluetooth controller on the sleeve, and a pouch for an iPod that connects to the headset - which consists of a left and right speaker embedded into the collar, and a hidden microphone.


This is more than just a stylin' parka.


To connect with your Mac to play music (mono only) or make a Skype call within Bluetooth range, click the Bluetooth icon in the menubar, select Set Up Bluetooth Device, and follow the prompts. Press the power button on the jacket’s battery, and the jacket will show up on your Mac as a Bluetooth headset. To connect your iPod, use the included Bluetooth adapter, which then transmits stereo music to the headset.


Keep your body warm and your music pumping.


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Launch More Than Just Big Ideas

Here’s something we bet you never thought of connecting to your Mac: a rocket launcher. The ThinkGeek USB Missile Launcher ($39.99) shoots soft pellets at your target of choice - and connecting it to your Mac gives you the added benefit of using any USB webcam or a built-in iSight camera to focus your shot. With the camera, you can position the rocket launcher in such a way as to allow the webcam to help you focus on a target.


You can have your very own WMD - weapon of much distraction.


Just as the name implies, it connects to your Mac via USB. Get version 1.4g of the Mac controller software at


Best of all, no one gets hurt.






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