Connect Your Mac to USB Gadgets

Connect Your Mac to USB Gadgets

Convert Video so It's Watchable on Your iPod

Connecting a video iPod to your Mac is a no-brainer. Understanding which video formats to use for viewing on your iPod can be a brain-teaser - especially if you don’t get all of your videos from the iTunes Store. Use the File > Import command in iTunes to import video files, then right-click (or Control-click) the video and select Convert Selection For iPod, which puts it in the proper video format, which is 320-by-240-pixel resolution H.264 or MPEG-4.


Any video you import into iTunes can be converted for viewing on a video iPod.


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Expand Your USB Port Options

If you’re running out of USB ports on your Mac, the solution is a USB hub. Kensington’s PocketHub USB 7-Port ($39), for example, connects instantly to your Mac (via USB, natch). Any device you connect to the PocketHub will work with your Mac—and there’s no need to plug in the included power cable because your Mac can power the hub itself. (Still, notebook users should connect the power when possible, because the hub will drain your battery faster.)


The PocketHub's best feature is its compact size.




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