Connect Your Mac to Your Mobile Phone

Connect Your Mac to Your Mobile Phone

The inclination might be to think of a cell phone as a stand-alone device, used for making calls or possibly getting directions to the local golf course via Google Maps. But many smartphones double as MP3 players or wireless modems (remember modems?) when you’re out of Wi-Fi range. The head-scratcher can be how to make the connection, especially since every phone works a little differently.


Here’s how to connect four popular mobile phones to your Mac. For Bluetooth connectivity, you need built-in Bluetooth (standard in new Mac minis, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros, and available as an option in new iMacs and Mac Pros) or a USB Bluetooth adapter, such as the D-Link DBT-120 ($34.99). Access Bluetooth options in System Preferences’ Bluetooth pane, or click the Bluetooth icon in the Finder’s menubar.


Copy Contacts From a Blackberry 8800

The RIM BlackBerry 8800 ($499.99) is an email addict’s enabler. Mac users can copy their Address Books (and all email contacts) in just a few steps. Here’s how.


1. On the phone, navigate to the Manage Connections icon and click it. Place a check on Bluetooth. On your Mac, click the Bluetooth icon in the Finder’s menubar and select Set Up Bluetooth Device. Follow the instructions to type the matching code on your phone’s screen. This “pairs” the devices, enabling them to work in unison.


Search for your mobile phone using OS X's Bluetooth Setup Assistant.


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2. Once your Mac and BlackBerry are paired, download PocketMac for Blackberry (free) and install it. To sync your Address Book contacts to the Blackberry 8800, launch PocketMac for Blackberry, click the Contacts tab, place a check next to AddressBookContacts, and then click Sync.


This handy helper app makes syncing a snap.


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Transfer Media Files to a Motorola KRZR

The Motorola MOTOKRZR K1 or K1m ($299.99 to $339.99) works seamlessly with the Mac for transferring media files like photo, videos, and music. There’s no need for a third-party helper app.

To connect, press the center Menu button on the phone and select the Settings icon (far right). Select Bluetooth, then Add New Device. Confirm the message that pops up about being in discovery mode, and wait for your Mac to appear. Click Pair, type any code (such as 1111), and then type the same code on your Mac (you will be prompted automatically). On your Mac, select the Bluetooth icon in the Finder’s menubar and select Browse Device. The folders on your phone will appear. Double-click the one you want and click Send to send files to the phone.


The MOTOKRZR connects to your Mac the same way as the popular RAZR.






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I have no transfer ability for photos or music. Whenever I try, I get these messages: " This device supports object push profile"." The target claims it will not accept a file of the type you are trying to send"." The file transfer failed: Internal error".Does anyone know a way to transfer music or pictures from my mac to this phone brand and model?Samsung > Gleam > SCHU-70Jimmic



Concerning the K1M & sync'ing.

This only works with NON verizon phones. verizon hobbles their phones, so this tip does not function is not available.

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