Converting Audio Files

Converting Audio Files

It’s a snap to convert your WMA files into MP3 files with EasyWMA.


I am in the television business and record audio interviews with a small digital audio recorder that saves files in Microsoft’s proprietary WMA format. My clients, however, are interested in receiving these files in an open format, such as MP3 or AIFF. How can I convert these audio files before emailing them to clients?


The shareware utility EasyWMA ($10, will let you quickly and easily convert WMA files (as well as WMV Audio, Ogg Vorbis, and ASF files) into AIFF, MP3, M4A, or WAV format. After conversion, you will be able to play those files within iTunes as well.


Simply set the conversion format and bit rate that you prefer, drag and drop your WMA files into the EasyWMA window, and EasyWMA will convert the files, save them in the folder of your choice and optionally add them to your iTunes library.


By the way, the author of EasyWMA has also created a companion product named EasyWMV, which converts all sorts of video formats (including WMV, SWF, and AVI files) into MPG or MP4 files.




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You could also choose to save the $10, and download the Perian codec (, which is free and can do the same conversions.


Scott Rose

I forgot to mention in my article that the company Telestream makes a bunch of products under the Flip4Mac name that help with WMV conversion as well:

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