Baby Your Battery

Baby Your Battery


Step 1: Charge It

LiIon cells in 'Books and 'Pods charge in two stages. Stage one is a fast charge at constant amperage and steadily increasing voltage. When the battery reaches a 70- to 80-percent charge, the second stage begins, gradually decreasing the current applied to the battery while maintaining constant voltage until the battery is fully charged. This second stage is called the trickle, or topping-off charge, and it takes two to three times as long as stage one. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't matter whether you completely drain and completely charge the battery every cycle, or grab a few minutes of charge time whenever you can - although the latter practice will eventually make your reported battery-charge and remaining-life times inaccurate.


Just when you thought you'd escaped the bell curve.




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To view the whole output from ioreg, use

ioreg -l -w 0

This will prevent the truncation.

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