Change Unchangeable System Settings

Change Unchangeable System Settings


Step 3: Hack It


If you installed the Xcode Developer Tools with Tiger, simply double-click default_smart.plist to open it in Apple's Plist Editor; otherwise, open the file in TextEdit (/Applications) to edit it as raw text. Now it's time to replace Find's two default criteria (Kind and Last Opened) with one: Name Contains. Find the SearchCriteria key up near the top; notice the two FXSliceKind keys below it. Delete the first key (everything from <dict> to </dict>). In the second key, change Slsv to Snam, and change DA** to S:**. Now press Command-S to save the changes, close the file, and start searching your way.


We actually prefer a text editor to Plist Editor for editing plists.




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