Craft Your Own Sims

Craft Your Own Sims


Step 4: Sculpting


The face is the most modifiable feature in The Sims 2 Body Shop-it's how you make your Sim truly unique. Click the head icon with the small DNA strand. Several face icons will pop up underneath; these represent the brow, eyes, nose, mouth, and jaw. Click the face icon with its eye highlighted to access the eye-modeling tools; use the slider bars to manipulate the size, placement, and subtle nuances of the selected facial feature. Once you get the eyes right, proceed to the nose, and then to the other features. Once you have the basic features you desire, go back to the top row of buttons, and click the next face icon (the one with a wrench). Now you can further adjust the features you chose. Would you like a caveman-style knurled unibrow, or a chiseled, killer chin? Your call.


Moving your Sims' genetic-trait sliders to the extreme left or right can result in some truly hideous freaks of nature.




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