Craft Your Own Sims

Craft Your Own Sims


Step 7: Leaving Home and Going Online


Think your Sim is the bomb and want to share it with the world? You can upload your Sim to a .Mac account or to, where other players can download your Sim and add it to their own games. First, you must register at (it's free). Next, launch The Sims 2 Body Shop, and in the Build Sims section, press the Package Sims button. Select your Sim and press the Package Sim To button. Enter your account name and password in the login box. Give your Sim a name and short bio, and click Accept; now go to and press the Exchange button on the top of the page. Enter your Sim's name on the quick search, and you'll see your Sim in all her homemade glory. While you are in the Exchange, you're free to download other players' Sims, lots, and objects to use in your own game. Just download the package, open the Package Installer app that came with The Sims 2, double-click the downloaded file, and bam, it's in the game.


Sharing your creation online is push-button easy-and so is downloading others' creations.




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