Dig Into Quartz Composer

Dig Into Quartz Composer

1. PATCH AND CLIP LIBRARIES: Find the building blocks here-mathematical operations, MIDI processing, and access to all of OS X's righteous Core Image filters.
2. MACRO-PATCH EDITOR: Click here to create a sub-composition, which you can build into the main composition.
3. EDIT PARENT: Click here to exit the Macro editor and return to editing its parent.
4. HIERARCHY BROWSER: Provides one-click navigation to different parts of the composition.
5. VIEWER: Previews your composition in a separate window.
6. INSPECTOR: Provides easy access to patches' Information, Settings, and Input Parameters.
7. COMPOSITION EDITOR: Drag Patches or Clips into this window; then draw lines of association to wire patches together.


> Mac OS 10.4 or later ($129, www.apple.com)
> Quartz Composer (free with Mac OS 10.4, installed with Developer Tools, http://developer.apple.com)
> QuickTime 7 (free, www.apple.com/quicktime)


Apple's Quartz graphics technology is the talk of the town - but what the heck is it, exactly? Follow us into the belly of Quartz Composer, a free tool from Apple that helps developers create Mac OS X's eye-popping screen savers, QuickTime multimedia content, and other visual treats. Need a groovy title background for your next iMovie documentary? Some eye candy for your video-capable iPod? Perhaps you desire a new screensaver that displays information from your favorite Web site? Quartz Composer has you covered for all of this and more. We'll show you how to get started with Quartz Composer by customizing an animated 3D screen saver and preparing a movie clip for an iMovie project. As you might guess, we're just scratching Quartz Composer's surface here, but the principles will take you far into this cool tool.




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Joe Kanary

Hi Rick...

I like your new site. My only caveat is that the how-to articles are spread out over a number of pages with no "print this article" equivalent. A PDF would be helpful.

Just a suggestion...

Thanks for all the years of great reading.

Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

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