Dig Into Quartz Composer

Dig Into Quartz Composer


Step 1: Get the Goods


Quartz Composer is part of Apple's Xcode Tools developers' toolkit; if you haven't installed Xcode Tools, you can find it in the Xcode Tools folder on your Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) installation disc. You can also download it after registering for a free Apple Developer Connection online membership account at http://developer.apple.com. After installing the package, find Quartz Composer in /Developer/Applications/Graphics Tools, and double-click to launch it. If you don't see the New Composition From Template Assistant first, select File > New From Template to open it. Click Mac OS X RSS Screen Saver in the template list, and click Next. Enter a name for your composition, and specify whether you'd like to install the final screen saver for your own exclusive use or for all of the user accounts on your Mac. Click Finish.


Good artists create, but great artists steal - er, use templates.




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Joe Kanary

Hi Rick...

I like your new site. My only caveat is that the how-to articles are spread out over a number of pages with no "print this article" equivalent. A PDF would be helpful.

Just a suggestion...

Thanks for all the years of great reading.

Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

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