Dig Into Quartz Composer

Dig Into Quartz Composer


Step 2: Enter the Editor


Composer's Editor includes a library of all the elements you can use in your compositions. Patches are the basic building blocks of a composition; clips are pre-assembled mini-compositions (such as a glowing Apple logo or a spinning 3D cube). Patches do everything from displaying graphics to computing insanely complex vector algorithms. Patches can also apply any of OS X's celebrated Core Image filters. All patches have ports on them, which appear as small, labeled circles. You connect patches to one another by dragging from an output port on the right side of one patch to the input port on the left side of another patch. If the two patches aren't connectable, Composer won't draw the connector for you. Since you're using a template, some patches are already in place; select Editor > Zoom Out to see the entire patchwork that creates the RSS-feed screen saver.


A simple patch: Notice the input and output ports and their groovy connectors.




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Joe Kanary

Hi Rick...

I like your new site. My only caveat is that the how-to articles are spread out over a number of pages with no "print this article" equivalent. A PDF would be helpful.

Just a suggestion...

Thanks for all the years of great reading.

Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

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