Dig Into Quartz Composer

Dig Into Quartz Composer


Step 4: No News Is Good News


Quartz Composer isn't just for screen savers. Now it's time to modify this project and save it as a clip that you can use in other Composer compositions, such as an iMovie documentary chronicling the electrifying saga of the three-toed sloth. To remove the dynamic RSS feed, select its patch and press Delete. Poof! It's gone.


Delete this patch, and the words will instantly disappear from the Viewer window to the right.




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Joe Kanary

Hi Rick...

I like your new site. My only caveat is that the how-to articles are spread out over a number of pages with no "print this article" equivalent. A PDF would be helpful.

Just a suggestion...

Thanks for all the years of great reading.

Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

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