Dig Into Quartz Composer

Dig Into Quartz Composer


Step 5: Crank the Color


Some patches provide an incredible amount of customization options, including nested Macros, which are well beyond the scope of this article (but feel free to experiment on your own). Start with an easy patch to change your composition's color: First, click the Hierarchy Browser button, and select Background in the resulting column. The main editing window will refresh itself to show the patches that control the background. Select the Gradient patch, and click the Editor's Inspector icon to open the Inspector window; select Input Parameters from the top pull-down menu. Now you can enable or disable the gradient and easily select Start, Middle, and End colors while the Viewer window updates to match. You can use similar tactics on any patch in any composition.


When you select the Gradient patch, the Inspector provides handy adjusters, and the Viewer updates in real time.




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Joe Kanary

Hi Rick...

I like your new site. My only caveat is that the how-to articles are spread out over a number of pages with no "print this article" equivalent. A PDF would be helpful.

Just a suggestion...

Thanks for all the years of great reading.

Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

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