Filter Out iMovie Malaise

Filter Out iMovie Malaise

1. Drag the time-crop markers to filter only part of a clip.
2. Select your clip in the Timeline (go back to the Clips drawer if the Timeline is empty).
3. Click here or here to apply the effect.
4. Find the filters here.
5. Or find filters here.
6. Set the effect's in- and out-timing and any parameters here.



> iMovie HD 6.0.3 (part of iLife '06, $79,


It's easy enough to make your home movies look presentable - cinematic, even. iMovie has the editing tools if you have the heart to trim out that five-minute segment of Uncle Joe lobbing olives skyward without catching a single one in his gaping maw. Sure, it's hilarious, and it'd be a crime to leave such a gem on the virtual cutting-room floor - but you should jazz it up a bit. Speed it up, British-comedy style. Trip it out with color effects that change over time. Add some earthquake-level rumbling. Or go nuts with Core Video effetcs like Funhouse Mirror and Bump Distortion. It's no cliche to say that the possibilities are endless.


Here's a primer on the effects included with iMovie, as well as some cool third-party filters that you can add to your FX arsenal. Although we don't give a hoot what others think of our overfiltered video mess-terpieces, keep in mind that it's easy to get carried away with special effects. They certainly are an acquired taste.




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For Mac users there is no easier application for creating a home movie than Apple’s own iMovie. This program is included free with new Mac computers or available for purchase as part of the iLife bundle. How to make a home movie using iMovie.

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