Filter Out iMovie Malaise

Filter Out iMovie Malaise


Step 4: Bend Time to Your Will


Smooth-action video runs at around 30 frames per second. But in the case of Uncle Joe and his olives, cranking up the speed can exaggerate the tediousness of a too-long segment. (Don't bother looking for iMovie's turtle-and-rabbit speed-adjust icon - it disappeared in version 6.) To warp time, use the Fast/Slow/Reverse effect. If you're really crafty, isolate one moment with iMovie's crop markers and slow it down to exaggerate the motion, then speed up the rest of the segment.


Here we've used the clip-crop markers to speed up one clip and parts of two others.




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For Mac users there is no easier application for creating a home movie than Apple’s own iMovie. This program is included free with new Mac computers or available for purchase as part of the iLife bundle. How to make a home movie using iMovie.

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