Hack Your Toys

Hack Your Toys

Not every hardware hack is a productivity booster. Here, for example, is a rat-mouse and a USB-GI.


> Action figure
> Rubber rat
> USB thumb drive
> Expendable Apple Pro Mouse (the one-button variety)
> Strong adhesive (hot-glue gun, spray mount, duct tape, or rubber cement)
> Sharp knife or X-Acto blade
> Quick-dry modeling clay
> Pencil with eraser


Did the holidays leave you with another case of fruitcake-induced indigestion and a pile of dumb toys somebody mistakenly thought you'd like? Or are you still scrambling to create some unique, heartfelt (and belated) homemade gifts for the folks back in Fargo? Good. Here's how to turn a USB flash drive into a fun-filled action figure and transform your leftover one-button mouse into a rubber rat. Mind you, these are just the toys we had lying around - a Barbie doll or rubber chicken would probably work just as well.




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