Hack Your Toys

Hack Your Toys


Part 1/Step 1: Doll Up Your USB Drive/Off with His Head!


USB flash drives are everywhere, and we can think of plenty of places to cram them. But in the interests of family fun and entertainment, we'll just show you how to rip off an action figure's head and stuff the drive down his neck. First, pop off the head, and bore the inside of the body with an X-Acto blade or sharp pocketknife until the cap of the USB drive fits snugly inside-be careful not to dig too deep. Now insert the cap of the USB drive into body of the doll - if your doll is hollow, wrap duct tape around the cap to make it fit. If you'd rather put the drive's cap in the doll's head, feel free to do so-just reverse these instructions.


Steady, now...




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