Hack Your Toys

Hack Your Toys


Part 1/Step 2: Amateur Chiropractic


Now give the head the same treatment - bore it out until you can insert the drive (be careful not to go too far, or you'll probably need extra tape). Make sure to seat the USB drive at the right depth in the doll's head so that the drive and its cap fit together securely - that way, your new storage buddy won't lose his head. If either piece feels loose in the doll, remove it and apply liberal amounts of glue (we prefer to use a hot-glue gun). Let the glue set for five to 10 minutes, and then place the USB drive pieces in their respective body parts. Gently put the head/drive on the body/cap, and tweak the cap and/or drive placement until the head and neck fit together somewhat naturally - just don't push too hard until the glue dries.


Make sure to leave the drive exposed enough that you can use its USB connector.




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