Hack Your Toys

Hack Your Toys


Part 2/Step 4: Seal the Deal


Now glue the pencil to the underside of the button piece you cut from the rat's back. Let it dry completely. With the pencil attached, put the piece you cut out back into the hole, and flip the rat onto its back. Tape the button piece back where it was before you cut it out, using copious amounts of duct tape on the inside of the rat to secure it in place. Remember the button has to trigger the switch, so precision is key. Finally, glue the rat's body to the mouse sled, taking extra care to keep the pencil/button rig aligned correctly. Now that's one righteous rat!


If the pencil doesn't hit the switch, convince it with some more duct tape.


BONUS TIP: Plug Relocation
When stuffing computer peripherals into toys, you may need to route a cable through an opening that's smaller than the cable's plug. The neatest way to accomplish this is to sever and then rebuild the cable. Cut the plug end off of the cable, run the cable where you want it, and then splice its wires back together, hiding the splice inside the vessel. You could also go all out and carefully remove the plug from the cable, snake the cable where you want it, and solder the plug back on - obviously, take extra care to note which wire goes where in the plug assembly. If you're splicing wires, you can just match up the colors.




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