Pitch a Tent for Better Macro Photography

Pitch a Tent for Better Macro Photography


Step 1: PVC for You and Me


Rather than messing with a hammer and nails, it's easier to frame your box with good old PVC pipe. Home Depot has every flavor of PVC known to man. We used 3/4-inch-diameter tubing for our smallish box. Get the stronger, one-inch-diameter PVC if you want to make your box big enough to stand in. PVC is super-easy to cut with a wood saw, or you can buy it precut; either way, you need eight two-foot lengths of pipe, eight T-joints, and four two-inch shims to connect the T-joints.


Sixteen feet of PVC pipe and eight T-joints, all chopped up juuuuuust right.




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I’m impressed, you know what you’re talking about



an easier and more reliable way than tape to fasten the material is to cut a foot of pvc into 1" pieces and with each of those cut 1/5 to 1/4 of the circumference out. now just clamp down the material in various spots. works like a dream.

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