Pitch a Tent for Better Macro Photography

Pitch a Tent for Better Macro Photography


Step 2: Four Corners Make It a Box


Assemble your box according to the photo below. The PVC fits together tightly enough to frame the box, but you can still fold in the side walls and stash your box behind a door. Note the dual T-joint configuration on each corner post: We used the upper set to hang the sides and the lower set for the top, but you're free to experiment. However you build it, make sure to jam the pipe firmly into the T-joints - we tapped ours in with a hammer.


When you're done, you can flatten your tent and stash it under the bed.




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I’m impressed, you know what you’re talking about



an easier and more reliable way than tape to fasten the material is to cut a foot of pvc into 1" pieces and with each of those cut 1/5 to 1/4 of the circumference out. now just clamp down the material in various spots. works like a dream.

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