Pitch a Tent for Better Macro Photography

Pitch a Tent for Better Macro Photography


Step 3: Just Add Walls


Since you're building this box to diffuse light, use material that's heavy enough to evenly disperse your flash or whatever light source you use. Ripstop nylon is ideal; heavy cotton sheets work in a pinch; thin, sheer fabrics like silk and linen won't completely neuter the flash and will likely create a hotspot. Attach the two side panels with tape if you're in a hurry, or use Velcro tape if you think you'll ever want to change your material to a different color or weight for special lighting effects.


If you want to skip the tape, just drape a big sheet of nylon over the top and call it a day.




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I’m impressed, you know what you’re talking about



an easier and more reliable way than tape to fasten the material is to cut a foot of pvc into 1" pieces and with each of those cut 1/5 to 1/4 of the circumference out. now just clamp down the material in various spots. works like a dream.

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